What they say:

"...The sheer virtuosity of the finished product (laser animation) is so impressive, that when watching the swift whirling of Sorcar's laser animation, the viewer forgets the painstaking months of computer programming, research, sketching, and technical organization that are behind Sorcar's magic"

         - The Statesman, India

"He (Sorcar) knew lasers could be used to make the light figures in multiple shapes and make them last longer. He envisioned a stage production that would use that kind of lighting, alongside live actors and dancers, all together in one show ...For Sorcar, the son of Indian magician P. C. Sorcar, who grew up helping his father prepare for performance worldwide, making the leap from vision to reality was just a matter of time"

         - The Denver Post, USA

"...Manick Sorcar and his cast of 50 mesmerized the audience throughout the two-hour show. It seemed the audience did not want to leave - they wanted more of Manick's amazing production....Aside from his incredible laser fantasy of India Forever, Manick skillfully and artfully combined magic with traditional Indian dances, colorful props and a wonderful cast. One has to see it to truly enjoy his unbelievable production.."

         - Philippine/Asian American Times , USA

"Like da Vinci, Sorcar is nothing short of a renaissance man. By combining laser beams, animation, computer graphics, magic and traditional Indian dance, Sorcar manages to create an awe-inspiring Indian fantasy world".

         - The News Record, Cincinnati, USA

"..In his Rays of Synergy, right after the prayer lines, with the music-coordinated steps of the colorfully-costumed dancers, the brush of laser-light started to showcase his skill in the back, brilliant fire balls appeared on the large white screen and then disappeared as magically as they appeared..., a group of moon-like planets of light floated in space and then vanished in the side wings, and a stream of yellow light washed the stage down to the audience as if to rhyme with the famous verses of Nobel laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore 'Aloker Aie Jhharna Dharai Dhooiye Dao' ....Being an engineer, Manick walked in the opposite direction from his famous father and uncle who were magicians. Today he glows brilliantly with his own merit and own qualities....Through his innovative work Manick has proved even engineers can be a great magician."

         - Ananda Bazar Patrika, India

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