Shows and Laser Art related projects since 2000
(from latest to oldest)

"Ajanta Rocks: The Silent Witnesses" A 15 min laser journey on the Arts of Ajanta Caves, India'GANDHI: A Laser Journey'
AJANTA Cave Arts
Buddha on Bodhi Leaf
An Illuminating Tribute

Obama in Laser Art
Season's Greetings in Spirit of East-Meets-West
Laser Animation of a Children's Song of India on YouTube
"Beautiful Mess": A Unique Laser Animation
"Glowing Love": An Album of Love in Laser Brush
Laser Art for Magical Experience: Manick Sorcar at Jadavpur University
"Ae Ajagar Aaschhe Tere" : A Father-Daughter Song on YouTube
Light Art in Shower Ocean
Fantasy Laser World of Manick Sorcar
Laser Light Magic
Swamiji: A Laser Documentary of Swami Vivekananda
Laser Magic for the 7th Int'l Conf on Info Sys Security
Laser Fantasy
A Special Show for IPHE and IWWA
Laser Magic at Light India International 2011
Muse of Murmer: Art & Poetry Ensemble
From Ocean to Stars: A Splash of Color
Anythink Huron Street Library Grand Opening
Our Republic's Birth
Laser Magic for Westwood College Annual Banquet
A Painting Brush Made with Laser
Horizon and Beyond
Enlightenment of Buddha
Back to the Future
Laser Fantasy at Colorado State University
Feel Like a Kid Again
Celebrate Denver: A Smile-High Laser Show
Dancing with My Soul
Laser Show for Smith Barney City Group
Beyond Boundaries
Bengal Forever: A Laser Fantasy
Harmony 2002
Celebrate Bengal
Laser Show for the 14th Int'l Cong. on Child Abuse & Neglect
Rhythm of 2001
India Forever
World of Manick Sorcar
Dancing with My Soul
A Touch of Water
Calcutta Forever: A Laser Fantasy


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